• Craig Martinson

The Vibe: GumBall Is Life

Updated: Jan 27, 2021


7 design hours

2 hours lost playing Candy Crush

1 green smoothie

1 original theme song ( LISTEN HERE )

The Concept

A gum ball themed mobile game in the vein of Candy Crush.

So What Do We Call This Thing?

Honestly, I only had one idea for the name of this game. It burned so brightly in my mind l felt like Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights when he came up with Dirk Diggler. The name…is YumYum GumBall!

Who Is It for?

YumYum GumBall is for kids & commuters, parents & professionals, geeks, gamers & gurus, teachers, preachers & creatures, if you’re chronically bored or avoiding your chores, YumYum GumBall is for YOU!

First Thing's First

Before I started designing anything, I felt it was essential that I learn how to make the ui elements of YumYum GumBall shiny. After some trial and error this is what I came up with...

Make a Shiny Button In 5 Easy Steps!

  1. I created my pink pill.

  2. I added the overlay in the top 3rd and reduced the opacity to 34%.

  3. I put two smaller pills in the right and left halves, reduced their opacity to 80% and applied a gaussian blur.

  4. I placed a small oval in the top left left with a pink to white gradient and rotated it about 45 degrees

  5. I added a gradient to the boarder of my pill, hot pink to light pink. DONE!

Okay, What Are We Doing?

This is my initial sketch of the YYGB splash screen. We have hastily drawn bubble letters hovering over some nondescript mountains, a gum ball machine, some loose gum balls, and a path leading to a cartoon portrait of my guy Russ...

YYGB Colors

We are leaning on pink, green, yellow, purple and white, but pretty much every color under the sun will be on the table! Look, I made them shiny!

The YumYum GumBall Logo

I was trying to cover a lot of ground with this design, so we are keeping the logo very simple. YumYum GumBall is rendered in pink in a bubble gum font angled up about 8 degrees.

Game On!

The YYGB logo hangs in the clouds, floating above the newly erected GumBall Castle and a bright pink gum ball machine (we ditched the mountains). The pathway is now more dynamic and winds its way to our super cute cartoon Russ, clad in his YYGB uniform holding a blue GumBall. In the center of the screen is our shiny PLAY button. Creating these illustrations pushed me out of comfort, but I'm pretty happy with the results. My only regret is this design doesn't incorporate the killer leopard print on Russ's shoes in the photo prompt.

Bonus Round

These are some GumBall concepts I designed to further practice making things shiny. I have no idea what the rules of YumYum GumBall are or what these gum balls would do, but they look cool right?

Before You Go

Did you know that the Candy Crush soundtrack slaps? I didn't! The game itself is beyond pointless (yet somehow incredibly addicting), but the music is so good. It's deceivingly complex, dynamic and creepy. Anyway, I was inspired to compose THIS piece for YumYum GumBall and I hope you enjoy it.

See you next week fam!