• Craig Martinson

The Vibe: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


10 design hours (most yet)

6 episodes of Big Mouth

3 english muffin pizzas

1 accidental purchase of a 40$ wellness app...It's fine...I'm not mad...

The Concept

A health and wellness app that helps users build and maintain healthy routines!

So What Do We Call This Thing?

1. Innergize - it's an energy drink

2. Nourish - done to death

3. Be About It - doesn't fit the vision

4. Coalessence - a clever play on words that succinctly conveys the underlying goal of the app? YES PLEASE! I actually kind of hate it, but we are creative sharks and we have to keep swimming!

Who Is It For?

Coalessence is for anyone looking for a no nonsense approach to improving their mental, emotional and physical health. The minimalist aesthetic and simple, intuitive interface will help users get right down to work by balancing the essential needs of the mind, body, and soul.

The Color Palette

The Coalessence color palette actually gave me a lot of trouble. The initial colors I was working with were not meeting accessibility standards (more on accessibility in the next section) and I had to pivot to darker shades with lighter supporting tones. I am still not completely satisfied with the end result but creative sharks and what not...

Exploring Neumorphism

So...what is neumorphism? Neumorphism is a visual style that blends techniques from skeuomorphism, realism, and flat design. Practically, it boils down to the application of light and dark shadows to create a subtle 3D effect. Below is a neumorphic library I created for this project with containers at different heights and depths. Neumorphism is a highly criticized design trend because it inherently presents accessibility issues for the vision impaired due to its reliance on low contrast.

The Logo

My initial goal with this logo design was to represent the the three aspects of self - mind, body, and soul - with simple geometric shapes. I assigned the square to mind, triangle to body, and circle to soul. I then wanted to connect these shapes and ideas to the natural world. The ocean is vast, mysterious, at once tranquil and turbulent, a perfect fit for the endless wonders of the mind. The majestic tree can grow to be tall and strong supported by a healthy root system if it is provided with enough water and light (SAME - I NEED THAT SUNSHINE AND HYDRATION), an apt analog for the potential and power of our bodies. The sun burns at the center of our galaxy, the most vital source of energy for life on earth, not unlike the concept of our human soul that if neglected will lead to the inevitable decay of mind and body. Are we getting spiritual here on Vibe Check?


This is a set of 12 icons I created for Coalessence. The blue are associated with "mind" activities, the green - "body", and the yellow - "soul". My favorites are the yoga practitioner and the pooch! I think this set is a little inconsistent overall and I would need a little more time to bring it all together. But we are creative sharks remember!

Major Screens

Here we have some minimalist mockups - the splash screen and 3 screens of the routine builder function sorted by mind, body and soul activities. I highly recommend adding 4 good boi pats to your morning routine.

In Conclusion

Coalessence represents the most work I have put into a Vibe Check challenge with the smallest payoff. I think the overall design lacks energy, personality and originality. The concept is sound enough and I standby the ux, but the application of nuemorphism falls flat and worst of all, I think I failed to channel Russ's vibe. Last week's design was perhaps my favorite of the series to date, so this feels particularly...bad. Onward and upward. We'll get em' next time!