• Craig Martinson

The Vibe: Shred the Gnar


8 design hours

4 episodes of Jersey Shore (GTL my dudes)

2 hours searching for Russ's coat (GIMME)

1 PB & J smoothie

The Concept

A mobile first subscription service that gives skiers and riders unlimited access to mountains all over the world.

So What Do We Call This Thing?

1. Lifty - a riff on liftie and Lyft

2. Squall - umm this isn't FF8

3. Fresh Trax - nah

4. POW - winner winner chicken dinner

Who Is It For?

POW Pass is for avid skiers and riders who seek snow covered adventure year round and around the world...must be nice...

Notable Competitors

Epic Pass - best for families with young kids; world-traveling skiers; East Coasters or Midwesterners who take a yearly ski trip out west.

Ikon Pass - best for van-dwelling bums or those with a ski bucket list; Tahoe locals; Colorado residents looking for something different; those under the age of 22.

Umm, I guess I should add Pass to the name. AWW YEAH POW PASS YEAH!

The Color Palette

Ok. Fine. I might have a "blue problem". But guess what. I'll never change. It's like the song says, "I'm blue dah ba dee dah ba doo". The navy blue is used for headers and text, the light blue is used for icons and CTAs, the royal blue is used in the logo and alternate headers, and the orange is used sparingly to provide pops of color.

Logo Concepts

This is my first logo concept, "Snow Caps". I wanted to achieve a cheesy 90s vibe inspired by my days as a preteen terrorizing the slopes of the north east. A friendly skier sits on the O and a pair of skis, a snowboard & a mountain peak create the W. This is pretty decent execution of my initial vision, but it didn't feel right so I moved on.

There were a few other stops along the way (nothing I care to share) but I finally settled on this hand drawn style logo concept, "Powder Puff". Shoutout to the 80er Teenie font for doing the heavy lifting. A simple pencil stroke on the W creates a mountain peak, pass is in lowercase (VAG Rundschrift D) flanked by minimalist skis and a snowboard. This hand drawn aesthetic will be carried through the entire look and feel of the app. You'll see!


Creating custom iconography is one of my favorite aspects of design and the icons used for POW Pass proved to be a critical piece in carving out the brand identity. That was a ski pun...

Splash Screen

I love the way the logo looks on the saturated blues of this photo. I added the slightest touch of white shadow to give the lettering a snowy look. The CTAs are bright and fun and leverage the more modern no fill pattern. The slogan "take the powder back" is just the first of many power / powder puns I have up my sleeve.

The 3 Major Screens

I never quite locked in the UI patterns I wanted to use. These 3 screens have subtle variations on header and sub header color and size. They clearly exist in the same world, but I would definitely need more time to iron out the kinks. That being said, I think the vibe is very strong, and isn't that why we're here? Also, do you think Russ skis, snowboards or which one would he learn if doesn't already?

In Conclusion

As always in these rapid design challenges there are so many things I wish I had time to fix or iterate on. However, I'm really digging the POW Pass concept and brand and I'd count this one as victory. Normally I'd let my guy Russ send you off, but here are some wise words from the incomparable DJ Pauly D.