• Craig Martinson

The Vibe: Stylin' In the Rain

Before We Get Started, What Is Vibe Check?

Vibe Check is a design challenge blog where I rapidly ideate, iterate and ultimately create a mobile app inspired entirely by the vibe of my favorite athlete of all time, a walking triple-double, point god, MVP, future hall-of-famer and fashion icon Russell Westbrook.

The Rules

1. The design must be completed within 24 hours

2. The clock starts once I select a photo of Russ

3. Live with and learn from the results

Let's VIBE!


7.5 design hours

3 cups of coffee

2 major pivots

1 winter walk through the cemetery

The Concept

Designer umbrellas to match your best fits.

So what do we call this thing?

- OneBrella - taken

- FunBrella - tradmarked

- CustomBrella - too clever?

- InBrella - Umbrellas are in…almost...

- Ombrello - Umbrella in Italian. I like it!

Before We Start

How amazing does Russ look here?

Okay, let’s learn about umbrellas real quick

We've got compact umbrellas, golf umbrellas, and traditional stick umbrellas.

We've got some handle options too - the classic crook, the pistol grip, and the basic round.



Building the Ombrello Brand

Our Target Audience

Well, we all need an umbrella from time to time... However, let’s target younger folks between the ages of 24 and 36 whom identify with luxury designer brands like Gucci, Prada, and Versace. Our customer is willing to pay more for a top of the line, one of a kind umbrella.

The Mission

Put simply, let's make umbrellas cool. Russ' vibe is ultra hip, decidedly fresh, and tres chic. I could go on...Best of all, there are a ton of AWESOME colors to pull from.

Primary Colors

The navy blue is strong and reliable, while the red-orange and yellow evoke the warmth of the sun even on the rainiest day. The dark grey (it isn't black I promise!) is sleek, modern, and elegant and sets up the secondary pops of color.

Secondary Colors

The secondary palette is youthful and vibrant, and adds a layer of complexity - a playful bit of visual tension. The purple hints at luxury, and sophistication, the blues are energizing and refreshing, and the pink is fun and whimsical.

Ombrello Logo: The "Driplets"

Nothing too crazy here! A trio of rain drops (red, navy, yellow) is suspended above the simple white outline of a classic umbrella and set against a black background.

So Let's Make This Thing

Pivot 1: Build-A-Brella

These wireframes were born from my initial “Build-A-Brella” concept. The user would open the app and design a one-of-a-kind umbrella in 3 simple steps. Ultimately, Russ I and I felt that this approach betrayed the high fashion / lux vibe we are aiming for and received a “What?”.

Pivot 2: Style Match 1.0

I started developing my “Style Match” concept in “Tween” Fidelity. The user would upload a selfie which the Ombrello app would then analyze to generate perfectly matched unique umbrella designs. Russ and I felt that this approach was too cute, but had potential in another context, and received an “Interesting…”.

The Solution: Make It Rain

Look how far we have come! The Ombrello splash screen is clean, simple and sophisticated. The logo rests neatly above the cheeky slogan, “make it rain”. The home screen leverages content blocks with bold brand colors and a vertical scroll to help users quickly browse Ombrello umbrellas. The Style Match has been simplified and now pairs user selfies with the best possible match in the Ombrello inventory. The final design is modern and fun and fully embraces Russ’s vibe. Russ gives it the “Happy Dance”.

See you next week fam!