• Craig Martinson

The Vibe: Where's the (Dance) Party At?


7.5 design hours

3 mozzarella sticks

2 episodes of Gilmore Girls

1 impromptu dance party

...oh and James Harden!

The Concept

A mobile app that helps you and your friends find that killer dance party.

So What Do We Call This Thing?

1. Get Down

2. Shake It

3. Boogie Buddy

4. Groove Finder

5. RU Down? - I'm not sure why, but this name spoke to me and when you're short on time you have to trust your gut.

Who Is It For?

RU Down? is for anyone who has ever been called to partake in the ancient and sacred ritual of shaking some ass on a Friday night, but didn’t know where to go to shake said ass. I don't know about you, but I really miss getting sweaty on the dance floor with a bunch of strangers. Let's dream this dream together!

Project Goals

I really wanted to dig into the look and feel of this thing and challenge my usual aesthetic (simple, clean, light, soft edges). Soooo, I skipped a few steps in my workflow and jumped into high fidelity to make sure I had enough time to create a killer logo and a cool loading animation!

The Color Palette

Russ and the Beard are really working it here. I pulled a nice purple, pink, teal, gold and silver. I added some neon pops of green, blue and yellow for ultimate glory. It looks kind of crazy, but I think it might just work!

The Logo

At first I was playing with a few different type faces, but nothing was clicking. I ended up creating this really simple monospaced font. Then I ditched the "O", mirrored the "DWN", stylized the "?" and voila! We're in business.


I really wanted the app to have texture, and hard corners and angles and colors clashing...but in a good way, a sort of retro futuristic vibe.

For 3, Splash

I'm not sure which of these screens is my favorite. They are all my little babies! BUT, I guess if I had to choose...I'd go with the 3rd one. Which is your favorite?

Home Screen

The card pattern for the home screen was inspired in part by Seamless (of all things) and polaroid photos. The bot nav is styled with metallic gold and silver icons inspired by Russ's pants and Harden's jacket. Overall, I think it works.

The Map

From the home screen you can quickly switch to this map view. I wanted to try something that was a little more...aggressive. Ultimately, I think it's a bit much. You can't win em' all...

Event Card

The map may have been a failure, but this event card (in my humble opinion) is a great success. It bravely walks the line between sensory overload and accessibility. It's controlled chaos, the method to the madness, simply put it looks cool...I think...


I'm pretty excited about this loading animation. It's a little clunky, but it has its charms. If I had more time, I'd try to create a cascading light effect in lieu of the colored diamonds. That being said, the pulsing rhythmic glow is rather hypnotic.

Wow, thanks Russ!

Final Thoughts

I tried to push myself, take chances, get weird, go big, all that good stuff. I'd love to see where this project could go with some more time. Maybe we'll find out someday!

I miss you all so much! I promise, we will all hit the dance floor together soon. Stay patient, remain vigilant and be safe out there!